Mediation is a dispute resolution process. In mediation a neutral person (mediator) facilitates the parties in resolving their differences. The mediator facilitates communication between the parties to assist them in negotiating their own resolution of the conflict.

Often mediation is used as an alternative to litigation and many courts require parties to a case to try mediation before their case can be heard. Parties can also choose to mediate their dispute without being directed to do so by a court.


The mission of Howard Sokol Mediation is to provide Facilitative Mediation to individuals involved in a dispute. Mr. Sokol believes strongly in the principles of Facilitative Mediation, which include:

  • The principle that the parties hold the solution to their dispute and retain the power to settle (or not)
  • Focusing on the parties’ interests and needs rather than their position or rights
  • Using active listening to reframe the issues and analyze the options so that they focus on their interests and recognize the interests of the other party
  • Empowering the parties to resolve the dispute themselves

As your mediator Mr. Sokol will strive to remain neutral while facilitating active listening and interest based cooperative negotiation, insuring that the process remains as noncompetitive as possible without evaluating the merits or strengths of either party’s position.

The outcome of this process will be:

  • A negotiated fair settlement of the dispute
  • An improved relationship with the other party
  • The development of skills to help the participants resolve future disputes