Howard Sokol – Attorney at Law

Mr. Sokol has over 40 years of experience in the legal field. He has represented clients in trials and appeals, having argued cases in the Georgia Court of Appeals, Georgia Supreme Court, and Federal Appellate Courts. He has taught law in areas such as civil, criminal, business, family, and administrative law. Howard Sokol, mediation provides mediation services in the Atlanta and North Georgia region.

Mr. Sokol’s experience and training provide him with the necessary knowledge and skills to successfully mediate the following types of cases:

• Family law, including divorce, custody, child support, alimony, and property division
• Property law, including landlord/tenant disputes, land line disputes, home owner association disputes
• Torts (personal injury) law, including accidents and intentional injury
• Employment law, including termination, discrimination, sexual harassment
• Contract law
• Business law
• Education law, including school discipline and special education
• Administrative law
• Civil Rights law

The above list is not all inclusive. If you have a matter not included above ask Mr. Sokol.